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A Letter To My Colleagues

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Dear Colleagues:   Having practiced clinical medicine for 15 years, I have met so many doctors who feel the same way I do—tired, frustrated, unfulfilled, and unable to provide care proactively because so much of our time is spent on phone tag, and unreimbursed work between visits. I wasn’t surprised when I read a study by The Physicians Foundation that reported 63% of physicians feel very negative or somewhat negative about the future of the medical profession.  

I can feel the frustration from my patients too—they want better access and less unpredictability with simple phone calls.  Did you know that the average wait time for a doctor’s appointment is 24 days and it’s getting longer every year? I don’t know about you, but I found that I was spending about 80% of my time chasing insurance companies, talking to lawyers and pharmacists, and playing phone tag with patients.  That’s time I could have been helping my patients and my practice. I went into medicine so I could help people, and what I found was that the current systems we have in place are driving a wedge between us and our patients.

One day, I’d had enough and I set out to create MediSprout and our first product, a secure telehealth solution called V2MD (Virtual Visit My Doctor).  I knew that telehealth, when done right, offered an amazing opportunity to not only deliver better care, but also to run a more efficient practice, get reimbursed for our time and put patient care first again.  

By implementing telehealth models in our practices, we can offer our patients virtual follow up and enable them to schedule a reimbursable video call with our offices for help between visits or routine follow-ups.

As the front line of healthcare, we are in a unique position to harness technology for good—and to do it right.  Please join me as we return to the relationship side of practicing medicine and simply provide better care. Once we do this is where transformation in healthcare will really begin.  V2MD makes it easy to get started.


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