Our Story

MediSprout originated from a medical provider in the daily grind of seeing and treating patients - what every medical provider does every day. This idea brought Randy and I together to create what we call MediSprout. It all stems from the inefficiencies of medical communication - while we can get on Skype and speak with and see anyone across the globe, the concept of the medical visit has not changed in a century. We realize that change, particularly in the medical field, is not easy. We created one platform through which all can communicate with just a couple of clicks of the mouse thus creating a larger than local network of providers who can freely communicate about any patient related issues with ease and confidence. We came together because we believe that through facilitated communication that saves time, money and personal/office-based resources we could make both providers and patients happier while creating better medical outcomes.

While we embrace and maintain awareness of new medical innovation and technology to continually keep our site up to date with the best tools making our medically specific interactions as fruitful as possible, we have and always will stay true to where we began as a medically driven organization motivated by improved outcomes as well as patient and provider satisfaction.


Samant Virk, MD

Founder & CEO

After working as a physician for over 10 years, the barriers to communicating with his patients combined with the gap in technology from his work life to his personal life motivated him to create what is now MediSprout. Working with the belief that facilitating the way providers and patients communicate can be one part of the puzzle to creating better medical outcomes, he devised a way to meld the efficiencies of technology with the shortcomings of medical practice. This he sees as only a beginning - by enhancing one of the cornerstones of medical practice, the Provider-Patient interaction, you can spin off many other aspects of health care innovation making it a dynamic interface.

Samant is a native, born and raised, New Yorker who resides in New York City with his wife and two kids. Prior to making the shift to MediSprout, Samant worked as a full time physician specializing in Neurology and Interventional Spine treatment and management.

Randy Findley

Founder & CTO

Randy Findley leads the development of all MediSprout products. He loves finding elegant solutions to interesting problems, as well as just simply making things work. Randy has 14 years of software engineering experience and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Before MediSprout, Randy founded Marine Weather by Bluefin, which he sold to AccuWeather, LLC in 2013. In 2007 Randy founded Pride Engineering, LLC which he later sold to Convergence Technology, LLC in 2010.


StartUp Health

Healthcare Accelerator

StartUp Health is a new model for helping innovation succeed in the health sector. Part community, part Academy, and 1,000% passion, we provide health and wellness innovators with a structured curriculum designed to help navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business. StartUp Health was founded in 2011 by health tech entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes and is Chaired by former Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin.

StartUp Health is based on a simple premise: the best way to improve healthcare in America is to provide health and wellness entrepreneurs with inspiration, education, and access to customers, capital, and other critical resources so that startups can innovate more quickly and build new solutions that will improve care and reduce out of control healthcare costs.

Harjeet Tagger

Partner at Y Combinator

Partner at Y Combinator. Previously founder of Auctomatic, a YC funded company acquired by Live Current Media.

Educated at Oxford University

Paul Heinzelmann, MD

Physician at MGH

Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital with active telehealth practice and Director Suffolk University Office of Counseling, Health and Wellness.

Gregg Alexander, DO

Pediatrician Entrepreneur

Practicing independent pediatrician; health technology advocate/consultant, writer, and entrepreneur; partner and Chief Medical Officer at Health Nuts Media.