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MediSprout helps doctors provide better care, see more patients and operate more profitable practices.

Increase Time Spent With Patients

Doctors spend just 27% of their time treating patients with the rest being spent on administrative tasks. V2MD allows doctors to spend more time seeing patients through video visits.
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Focus Time On Patients In Most Need

Level 1-3 visits take up precious office hours resulting in longer wait times for patients with more demanding needs. By using V2MD for straightforward, low-complexity visits like maintenance check-ins and prescription refills, doctors can reserve in-person time for level 4 and level 5 visits.
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Provide Better Continuity of Care

V2MD allows doctors and patients to stay connected between visits promoting more regular interaction around topics like test results, refills, questions, treatments clarifications and health updates.
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Regain Control Over Your Time

V2MD helps doctors take back control over their time, their practice and the decisions they’re making around how to best care for patients.
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Maximize Billable Time

Less than 30% of a doctor's time today is billable. MediSprout helps doctors get paid for their time by turning communication like callbacks and follow ups into billable time. This helps practices to generate more revenue while helping more patients.
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