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MediSprout is for:

  • Solo-Practitioner
  • Multi-Practitioner Practices
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • All Healthcare Facilities

Traditional Approach

Step 1
Utilizing Practice
Step 2
Rescheduling appts
Step 3
Step 4
Poor Patient
Step 5
Lack of


MediSprout Approach

Step 1
Click and Connect

How MediSprout can work for you?


Why do I need it?
Because medical care delivery has not changed in decades while the world around us has.  It's time to catch up.  We can still care for our patients and give them the attention they need, just much more efficiently and effectively.  Utilizing adjunct technologies, we can enhance the video interaction to give even greater utility.

Online administration of health related services is growing exponentially and projected to boom in the coming decade - taking business and revenue away from  established medical organizations.  We believe that health care must still retain a local component while offering the option for remote care with ones existing provider.  This accomplishes the best of both worlds - melding the traditional, medical approach with new technologies resulting in better, more efficient care.

When can I use it?

  • Follow up visits (medication follow up, imaging follow up...)
  • Chronic conditions, 
  • New complaint that may be addressed without patient coming to the office (beauty is - you can always have them come in if you want!), 
  • ED evaluations, 
  • Hospital follow up, 
  • Urgent Care - address the problem before patient comes in (if not able to, they can still come in!)
  • Conferencing family members/other Providers into a visit

Medically Specific?

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Use side-by-side with existing EMR
  • Self Service Scheduling function
  • File sharing and Screen Sharing
  • Messaging

How does it generate revenue?

  • Reimbursement through insurance (depending on state and insurance company) - more prevalent every year
  • Self pay models
  • Health Care Spending Accounts

Will patients like it?

  • Patients love it (success of remote care companies like American Well, Teladoc)
  • Eliminates taking time off from work, going to office, waiting, seeing doctor...


  • Bring Inpatients and ED patients more immediate access to their Providers
  • With medical experts anywhere
  • Rapid, secure file transfer mechanism
  • Faster, more efficient care 

All resulting in:

  • Improved outcomes 
  • Less medical errors
  • Decreased length of stay


  • Online care option to avoid visit
  • Patient more likely to come in if needed after being evaluated online
  • Compete with proliferation of online care providers


Allow residents access to medical help without leaving the facility, when appropriate