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MediSprout Manifesto

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For medical practices, we know that the patient’s needs don’t end after they walk out our door.

You already know your patients better than anyone, so why not continue providing them the personalized care only you can offer? Today’s healthcare system leaves doctors feeling worn down, frustrated and often unable to make a meaningful impact on patients.

We are setting the standard of care. I refuse to sit back and watch the government and insurance companies dictate how I practice medicine. This is why I created MediSprout and our first innovation, a secure telehealth solution called V2MD.  I wrote this “manifesto” one day when I had reached the peak of my frustration—hours of endless patient callbacks, insurance company and lawyer calls without an end in sight. This manifesto sparked MediSprout:

Healthcare is broken.

Doctors feel run down, tired and unfulfilled — not doing the job they were trained to do.

They find themselves spending more time filling out insurance paperwork, playing phone tag and chasing follow-ups – and less time treating people, helping families and serving communities.

The systems put in place to improve care are driving a wedge between doctors and patients.

Technology is outdated, unreliable and too complex to use.

Solutions that put the needs of insurance providers, litigators and pharmaceutical companies ahead of doctors and patients have widespread impacts.

More paperwork means less time with patients.

Fewer available appointments means longer wait times.

Technology has let doctors down.

MediSprout was born to do greater good in healthcare.

We exist to help doctors help their patients stay connected.

We believe that fixing healthcare starts with bringing doctors and patients together.

Too much Health technology is too expensive and does not focus on serving the needs of doctors and their patients.

And that’s why we developed V2MD, to enable two-way communication between doctors with their patients through video.  

Telehealth, and HealthIT generally, should complement the doctor-patient relationship, not replace it.

Developed by doctors, V2MD helps clinicians provide better care, see more patients and operate a more profitable practice.

Happier doctors. Happier patients. That’s what MediSprout is all about.

If we do not empower the people who are delivering healthcare and take back control of our exam rooms, our standard of care will suffer.  Here at MediSprout, we stand for something bigger and we hope you do too.  Join us in changing the way you work and deliver patient care.

– Sam

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