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See your own doctor for follow-up visits, prescription refills and common questions from the comfort of your own home over a secure video call.

Healthcare Where and When You Need It

V2MD makes it easier than ever to access healthcare without the need to miss work or school. Schedule a video visit with your doctor when it’s convenient for you - from home, the office or on vacation - all from your smartphone, computer or tablet.
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Faster Answers To Common Questions

V2MD connects doctors and patients, making it fast and easy to address common conditions, medical needs or health related questions. Use V2MD to refill prescriptions, review lab results or access after-hours care.
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Access To Your Own Doctor Means Better Care

V2MD lets you see your own doctor when it’s convenient for you unlike online medical care websites that connect you with a random doctor that doesn’t understand your health history.
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Affordable Access To Better Care

Talk to your doctor face-to-face from the comfort of your own home for the same price as a cup of coffee.
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