MediSprout’s V2MD Allows Advanced Surgeons to Connect By Video Conference with Weight Loss Surgery Patients to Offer Better Care and Results

Telemedicine Solution Provides Convenient Way for Patients to Access Support and Care Without Taking Time Off from Work

Patients undergoing bariatric surgery services, such as gastric bypass surgery for weight loss, must visit numerous healthcare providers and specialists before and after surgery. Those seeking insurance clearance and coverage of a procedure must also meet rigorous mandates from their health insurance provider, often including monthly office visits with specialists, such as a dietician, for several months. For many, medical appointments—as many as xx over the course of treatment—require significant time away from work. This can be a deal breaker for treatment, making it impossible for many to receive care that could change or save their lives.

Advanced Surgeons (, a bariatric medical practice in Valhalla, New York found a way to provide the care and convenience its patients needed by relying on MediSprout’s V2MD, a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing technology for telemedicine visits with patients. On-site dietitians and doctors offer patients telemedicine visits before and after surgery as a way to provide care and stay connected, promoting recovery and successful weight loss

V2MD Provides Convenient Access to Continued Care

“Patients who have undergone weight loss surgery have made a tremendous commitment that requires upfront and continued care and guidance,” says Amy Habeck, MS, RDN, CDN, a dietician at Advanced Surgeons. “They need face-to-face reassurance that they are not alone in their journey.” Many of Habeck’s patients, especially teachers and students who typically have inflexible schedules, couldn’t continue the care they need without the use of MediSprout’s V2MD, which Habeck uses to to provide nutrition assessment, planning and education.

Habeck and other practitioners at Advanced Surgeons also rely on MediSprout’s V2MD to conduct preliminary consultations with patients who reside out of state—sometimes out of the country—and for follow-up care with patients too sick or weak to make an office visit after surgery.

Innovative Technology Enables Mobile Connection, Allowing Patients and Providers to Connect from Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike other technologies, MediSprout’s V2MD is simple to use for both sides. “I can do one walk-through training session with another doctor or provider—my office to his or hers—and he or she can walk away and confidently and comfortably use V2MD with a patient,” says Habeck.

Most of Advanced Surgeons’ patients download the MediSprout V2MD app to connect from a smartphone. Although tele-visits are scheduled—and logged no differently than in-office visits—patients often schedule a time to conduct the visit from their car or home before or after work. “A mobile visit is fantastic from both sides,” says Habeck. “My patients often walk around their house, showing me the products or supplements they are using and I can show them screenshots of products, demonstrate how to use a food scale, for instance, or show them packages of foods and shakes I recommend for their diet.”

MediSprout V2MD visits allow the practice to expand its work day in order to offer evening and weekend hours, relying on the solution’s Patient Schedule Request feature to determine high demand from patients, and synching their requests with provider availability.

Allows Advanced Surgeons to Expand its Reach, Improving Reliability and Cutting Costs

Although Advanced Surgeon’s practice is typically booked to capacity, extending hours for tele-visits will allow it to see more patients, including those who otherwise couldn’t be seen during regular business hours. The MediSprout V2MD visits also enable the practice to provide care when the office cannot be opened due to bad weather or doctor sick days. Recently, rather than canceling a patient appointment due to illness, Habeck was able to keep the appointment—one the patient’s insurance company had mandated for coverage—conducting it from home via V2MD without exposing the patient to germs or infection.

Although Advanced Surgeons is just beginning to expand its business by offering after-hours tele-visits, it plans to continue exploring and offering hours that are most convenient for patients. In addition to providing patient with better access to healthcare, the practice predicts that the extended hours will come with a significant cost savings, as there is no need to open the office or bring in a receptionist to facilitate the visits. The practice also plans to roll out the use among other practitioners in multiple locations.

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