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Connecting doctors and their patients with secure video

V2MD helps clinicians provide better care, see more patients and operate a more profitable practice.

Better Healthcare

Here’s how V2MD helps doctors provide better care by making it convenient to stay connected between visits…

Flexible Scheduling Options

Doctors spend just 27% of their time treating patients with the rest being spent on administrative tasks. V2MD allows doctors to spend more time seeing patients through video visits.

Group & Family Visits

Family members or other doctors can be added to video calls ensuring that all stakeholders are included for better, more transparent care.

Affordable Visits

V2MD is free for doctors to use and costs patients only $4 per video call.

Face to Face Care

By combining video and audio, patients feel more satisfied and doctors have valuable information to provide better care.

Run a More Efficient, Profitable Practice

See more patients, increase billable time and streamline your practice by filling schedule openings and getting paid for after hours communications.

Easily Capture Revenue

V2MD makes it easy to turn follow-up care into a new source of revenue by making it easy to charge video visits. Funds are deposited directly into their account.

Set Your Fee Structure

Doctors can choose whether to charge for video consultations and set their own price structure.

Reimbursed Through Insurance

While phone calls don’t qualify for reimbursement, video calls do. Moving to video communications means doctors get paid for the time spent interacting with patients outside the office.

Fill Open Appointment Times With Video Calls

No show, cancelled or unscheduled visits with .

Developed by doctors, for doctors.

By putting the needs of doctors and patients first, V2MD fits easily into any practice helping reduce time spent on administrative tasks that take away from helping patients.

Easy Set Up

Set up only takes a few minutes - more like a consumer app than traditional telehealth technology.

EMR Integration

Cut down on time spent completing paperwork by passing data directly into electronic medical records.

HIPAA Compliant

All video communications are encrypted, video is never stored and only the doctor & patient can view the call.

Tailored to Any Practice

Healthcare providers can add their own branding or documentation like emergency disclaimers and patient consent forms that must be acknowledged before joining a call.

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