How Are You Feeling Today?

Samant Virk, MD


So much talk of data and testing to help people be healthier. It's amazing what information we are able to gather today with sophisticated testing from PET scans, blood tests to genetic testing. So much information to help guide physicians to helping their patients feel better. The thing that we seem to forget is that it begins with how a patient FEELS.

All this information must be put in the context of how they feel - why did they come in to see me in the first place. Do we end up chasing and treating things that actually don't need treatment? Are we digging too much finding things that are 'abnormal' that the patient may have lived with their whole lives and will die with anyway? The role of the clinician is large here to be able to decipher and listen to what the patient is expressing with regards to what's different or what's bothering them and then mining for the correct data and correlating results with what they hear.

That's why getting patients more easily connected to their own doctors is so important and a seemingly overlooked part of how we are approaching our healthcare solutions. The value of knowing and understanding your patients is overlooked from both a cost and value perspective. It sometimes seems as if when we are getting carried away with accumulating data but providing no context to it. 'How are you feeling?' while so non-tech is still an important question.

EMR's - Efficiency vs Cost - Holding EMR's to Higher Standards

Samant Virk, MD


Ever hear of the 'Big Dig'?

It was the seemingly never ending highway/city reconstruction project in the city of Boston that took decades to complete and went over budget by ?? Billions of dollars. The modern day equivalent in medical care, is today's EMR's. Don't get me wrong, they have provided efficiency and facility. Overall, considering their cost and what you get in return it's just not a good deal. There are a few exceptions where they are getting it right (Athena).

If given the choice, I wouldn't pay for these solutions... unfortunately with the mandate, I don't have one... With EMR's I have not been able to reduce staff, reimbursements are not significantly increasing and I actually see less patients every day (

EMR companies know they have a cornered market which may be part of the reason they do a poor job at creating effective solutions. They also should be held to standards higher than they are currently. Maybe create standards of quality and efficiency to measure them by - sound familiar??

HIMSS 2016 MediSprout Virtual Booth

Samant Virk, MD


Patients have expressed that they desire access to their OWN doctor when they need medical help. MediSprout believes patients should have this. If we're serious about creating virtual solutions for healthcare delivery, doesn't the in person demo kind of defeat the purpose? We've set up a virtual booth — anyone can demo our solution that enables doctors to provide their OWN patients with a telehealth solution. To learn how it works, click for the patient experience of 'getting connected to your OWN doctor quickly and easily'.

HIMSS16 MediSprout Virtual Booth

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Virtual booth times Wednesday-Friday 9AM-4PM EST.

ATA 2015 - Booth 2813

Randy Findley


MediSprout will be presenting our telehealth solution at this years Annual Telemedicine Meeting & Trade Show.

Please stop by our booth (#2813) to demo our amazing new features:

Please also join our ATA 2015 waiting room. Our CTO and co-founder, Randy Findley will be taking questions and giving live demonstrations at the following times. You may also stop by our booth (#2813) and meet our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Samant Virk. You can also reach us at (410) 635-4054.

ATA 2015

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Randy Findley, CTO & co-founder will be available:
- May 4th, 8am-1pm PST
- May 5th, 8am-1pm PST

Moving Beyond the Idea of Reimbursement

Samant Virk, MD


Whenever we speak to potential customers or clinicians the first question asked is 'how is this reimbursed?' While payors make great strides towards a more comprehensive reimbursement scheme (in more than two thirds of states legislation has already been passed that requires reimbursement or legislation is pending) there are very clear-cut reasons how adding a simple, cost-effective telehealth solution like only we can offer can create efficiency in your practice, help you see more patients, and maximize the non-telehealth reimbursements which adds up to a cost savings that can easily pay for adding a solution like MediSprout to your practice or healthcare organization.

  1. Most online video visits with patients that you already have a relationship with last 5 to 7 minutes. This allows you to see more patients during the day, which adds to your revenue.
  2. By keeping your level one and level two visits online, you can use your exam rooms for level three, four and five visits which have higher reimbursement. Thus, maximizing the efficiency of your exam room space and generating more revenue.
  3. You can monetize patient questions and care that you would typically provide on the telephone by turning it into a video visit for which patients will pay a nominal fee. The average clinician provides $25-$30,000 a year of uncompensated care. This is a way to retrieve these fees.
  4. MediSprout has capability for on-demand care. We can act as a video-based online answering service. Think about the thousands of dollars you could save in answering service fees by offering MediSprout online, on-demand connectivity to your practice. All for less than the cost of your cell phone bill.

So, with Medisprout you can move beyond the question of reimbursement and view telehealth from the angle of efficiency. And efficiency means money in your pocket. Logon and start seeing patients online today.

White label telehealth platform

Randy Findley


Rebranding Options

MediSprout now offers complete rebranding of our entire solution including our mobile apps. Your patients and providers will only see your brand.

Having your own telehealth application has never been this easy or cost effective.

  • Web application
  • iOS app
  • Android app


Combined with MediSprout's API's you can seamlessly integrate MediSprout with your existing EMR/EHR or Patient Portal.

We have created an easy way for healthcare providers to extend their practice online while retaining their value brand name.


MediSprout can host the entire application for you. You will only pay on a per provider per month basis. You have no initial investment to worry about. On the other hand you may also host the application on premise if desired.

There are no setup fees. Start offering telehealth services today and extend the reach of your practice and increase your revenues. It costs nothing to get started, give us a call today.

Minimum Requirements

A minimum provider count must be met before rebranding is available. Please contact us for more information.

MediSprout and Vidyo

Randy Findley


MediSprout has created a simple telehealth solution using Vidyo's VidyoWorks™ libraries.

Our off-the-shelf product, which providers can start using today, is a cloud-based offering that leverage our Vidyo infrastructure.

MediSprout can also use your Vidyo infrastructure. We can even host our entire application on-premise next to your Vidyo infrastructure. Many large healthcare organizations already have Vidyo in-house, we can work with you.

MediSprout adds value by providing the following:

  • Scheduling
  • On-demand access
  • Waiting room with custom on-boarding
  • Payment processing
  • Single sign-on
  • API Integration with EMR & Patient portal
  • Medical Recrods

If you are a large medical organization that has Vidyo infrastructure or plans to get it please contact us to learn how MediSprout can help fulfill your telehealth needs.

Vidyo is the leading provider for encrypted video solutions to some of the largest healthcare systems in the world!

MediSprout at the mHealth Summit

Samant Virk, MD


We are excited and privileged to be one of the Showcased companies at the mHealth Summit in Washington, DC next week!

mHealth is the world’s largest gathering of mobile health experts and professionals and as part of the Startup Showcase we will be highlighted among the most up and coming Healthcare Startups in the country. We look forward to displaying how we simply and easily connect patients to their most valuable health resource - their own Doctor with a seamless experience that takes the edge off medical visits while having options to use clinically intuitive tools and resources that create a more interactive and productive encounter. We want to show the world that medical visits don’t have to be cumbersome and intimidating - they should be comforting and easy! If you happen to be attending, stop by! We look forward to this forum where we can spread the word about the MediSprout experience every patient and physician should have.

MediSprout adds Waiting Room

Randy Findley


We are happy to announce a new set of features. The primary feature being the waiting room. Doctors can now schedule back-to-back virtual visits without worrying about missed appointments due to delays.

New Features:

  • Waiting Room
  • Emergency Disclaimer
  • Patient Information
  • Payment
  • On-call Notifications
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Improved Records
  • Provider and Named Rooms
  • Ability to transfer patients between rooms

Waiting Room

First lets talk about the waiting rooms. There are two types of rooms. Provider rooms and Named rooms. Each provider has his/her default room. Named rooms may be created to fulfill any use case the practice might have (like a triage room for on-boarding after hours calls). Each room can be configured to allow any of the following steps; Emergency Disclaimer, Patient Info, and Payment. Lets take a look at how each of these steps looks to the patient.

Emergency Disclaimer

The patient must agree that they are not have a life threatening event.

Capture Patient Info

Capture the patient info and history. This is then visible to the provider.

Capture Payment

The price is set by the practice and my be different for each room.

Waiting Room

The providers is notified via email or text message that they have a patient waiting. Once the provider initiates the visit both parties will be connected.

Providers Waiting Room

Here is what the provider sees when a patient enters his/her waiting room. This is the dashboard for the providers room. A list of active patients, waiting room patients, and scheduled patients are visible.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments may be scheduled by the provider. In which case the patient and provider receive and email with a calendar invite directing them to join the visit at the appropriate time and day.

Appointments may also be on-demand. A provider may decide to publish his/her room online. Then direct patients to visit the waiting room at their convenience. MediSprout generates a widget for each room. This widget can be easily placed on the providers website or patient portal.

Example Room Widget

Randy's Demo Exam Room

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Click here to start your virtual medical exam.

Google Doctor Visits

Samant Virk, MD


While it's great that Google is trying to implement a service that works towards creating more informed patients, it's another telehealth option that skirts the issue of how patients can get the best information THAT IS RELEVANT TO THEM.

Unfortunately as much as we want to make medical information 'cookie cutter' or 'one size fits all' the reality is this approach is often unfulfilling. You can have two people with the same condition but with completely different presentations and diagnostic criteria as well as two different medication options for treatment. Differentiating these two takes more than just a single visit with an unknown clinician conducted in a vacuum.

While general information around a condition or illness can be obtained online through a web search the reality of medical care is that any single persons care is determined by too many factors for one clinician to know or fully factor into a single point in time visit with no prior CLINICAL knowledge. We continue to skirt around the reality that the best way to address someone's medical needs is to enable a patients own doctor, someone who has a complete picture and understands the roles of past history and interplay of current conditions, to be at the front line of accessibility and online access instead of 'more of the same' approach of searching online or being connected with a doctor who has no records or no knowledge of the patient.

This is what we are doing at MediSprout - creating access for patients to their own doctors in a way that is clinically friendly, respects the doctors time and way they practice while having the opportunity to generate revenue, save valuable office resources and create flexibility and efficiency.
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