Better Outcomes
Greater Flexibility
Video Communication for Healthcare Providers

The New Standard in Comprehensive Patient Care


Straightforward provider setup
Effortless patient access


Provider to patient
Provider to provider
Provider to hospital
Seamless integration with any EMR


Billable visits
Expand geographic reach
Connects all medical facilities
Competitive advantage

Medical Video Communication

is only where we begin...

Clinical Features

Chat / Text function

Two-way screen share

Tools for
Care Coordination

Interactive Apps for
Patient Engagement

Two-way File Sharing

Option for
Data Collection

Technical Features

Developer API Access

White label

Mobile access

Clinical App integration into video platform

We don’t just facilitate communication.

We enhance engagement and care coordination while
being mindful of data opportunities


HIPAA compliant


HD Video

Text messaging

Unlimited visits

Conference in
additional providers
or family members

For the Patient:

Follow up
Open email
and click "Join"
Start when
provider/physician appears

For the Health Care Provider:

Patient makes
follow up appointment
Provider clicks secure link
that has been added to their schedule
Video screen opens
with patient on it